Plunk This For Me – $20/up to 3 songs; $5/each additional song
Learning a song for an audition or a show? Need to hear how the melody goes, with nothing else playing along to distract you? For only $20, you can get up to 3 songs plunked out for you on separate tracks.

Rehearse This For Me – $40/up to 3 songs; $10/each additional song.
Need more than just the melody? Want the whole accompaniment, too? Our rehearsal tracks are straight forward and clear. Put them in your iTunes and practice at home or on the go. We can even transpose to a different key free of charge.

Transpose This For Me – $60/first 2 pages; $10/each additional page.
Love a song, but can’t find it in your key? Send us the music, and we’ll create customized sheet music in whatever key you want.

Need something else?
Stay tuned for our additional services page.
Or shoot us an email and we’ll see what we can arrange!

*Prices listed here are for a 24-hour turn around. Need something sooner? Just let us know! (25% expedited service charge may apply)